Dino Island Games & Strategies for Attentional Control Training

The Dino Island games of Mining Cave and Wave primarily focus on attentional control, including a type of attention called sustained attention, which is the ability to focus and maintain attention for an extended period of time. More difficult Mining Cave and Wave levels also require working memory (described in Lesson 1). See the video below for a very brief description of sustained attention and why it’s so important, even in adulthood:


This section of the site provides brief introductions to the Mining Cave and Wave games. Following this, specific metacognitive strategies that are particularly helpful for sustained attention (i.e., those that help with distractibility/focus, fidgety, etc.) are introduced, including some video demonstrations of how to use these strategies with your child.

Keep in mind that some of these strategies can also be used with other Dino Island games (described in Lesson 4) but are introduced here since they are usually introduced within the context of these specific games.